Brevet Generals Of The American Civil War

0hawkins.jpg (9658 bytes) Nearly 1,400 Federal officers were appointed to the rank of brevet general , brigadier or major, during the American Civil War.A brevet has been defined as “a commission conferring upon an officer a grade in the army additional to and higher than that which, at the time it is bestowed, he holds by virtue of his commission in a particular corps of the legally established military organization”. It makes him eligible for assignment to duty at the rank it confers, but without such assigment by the President it has no effect on the officers status with respect to pay, emoluments and seniority.



The brevet system was totally overwhelmed and effectively destroyed by the avalanche of brevet promotions resulting from the Civil War. With the formation of a huge volunteer army to fight the war, many regular army officers took leave from their regiments to seek promotion in the volunteer regiments. Thus it became possible for these officers to have four separate and distinct ranks at the same time. They could hold a lineal rank in both the regular and volunteer armies and also earn a brevet rank in both armies.

(Extracted from the book “Brevet Generals in Blue”)

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Lavender Salve: For Healing And Other Benefits

Lavender salve is an herbal remedy that has multiple uses. This is a relatively well known flower that has a calming scent. If you are interested in living a simple and natural lifestyle, it is important to juniper desertknow the different uses of lavender.


One of the most common uses is to use lavender to calm and sooth. Applying a small amount of the salve to your chest or neck can help you stay relaxed. Some people use it at night and find that it helps ease them into a restful sleep. Others use this aromatherapy when they feel stressed or anxious during the day.


This soothing affect is not just for humans. Dogs can also benefit from the aromatherapy of a lavender salve. Anxious, excitable, or hyperactive dogs can be calmed down by smelling the scent of lavender. There are specialty salves made for canines available. Simply rub a small amount under their chin or put a some on their bed or kennel.


Lavender salve can also be used to heal minor scrapes, cuts, burns, rashes, or other blemishes on the skin. It has high levels of vitamin E, which helps skin repair damaged tissue much faster. It speeds up healing time and has a soothing effect on the wound. It is also acts as a histamine, which blocks off the skin that has been damaged. It also increases blood flow by relaxing the muscles surrounding the vessels. Again, this is good for healing, especially for burns. It has also been found to offer relief during migraines and severe headaches.


For some added benefits, you can usually find a lavender salve with additional vitamins or nutrients. These are created with specific intentions in mind. Some ingredients are meant to help treat migraines, insomnia, or other ailments. These ingredients and the quality of the salve are the main determining factors when it comes to pricing. The best source of product and pricing is our sponsor Juniper Desert


Simple remedies are often the best. Some people have reactions to harsh first aide creams, and they can truly benefit from something natural like lavender. The aromatherapy benefits also make it a good option for those who were just injured or who feel a headache coming on.

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Using Social Media As Part Of Your Internet Marketing

This website is dedicated to cataloging a piece of history, and bringing that history to as many people as possible. Recent years have brought about the emergence of social media, and a new broad opportunity presented itself. And opportunity to reach people, and to educate people with like minds or interests. But its important to understand how to use social media, both for those of us that contribute to and elsewhere. Recently we have taken on the help of a utah seo firm with the express purpose of reaching more people with social media.

One of the hardest concepts to get a client to understand is the idea of using social media to promote his business. Everyone knows that networking can be as vital to a business’ health as its marketing campaign, and a business that does not meet with other local businesses every so often will dry up and perish. By the same token,  it is hard for them to understand how to properly use social media in their internet marketing; they are thinking cat pictures and funny stuff rather than spreading the word and finding new customers. This is something that needs to change.

Social media is simply finding out ways to get people involved in your business. This means that people know what your business is about, how it can help them, and how to get in touch with it; all of the old school stuff. At the same time, it can add so much more. Businesses have struggled with the idea of how to provide themselves with a person that their customers can relate to; this is why so many companies have used spokesmen ranging from animated animals to models to established personalities in order to hawk their wares.  Giving the business a personality is arguably one of the best ways to get people interested in the business, as well as ensuring that they will continue to be interested in the business.

By using social media, that personality can be expanded on, and can be adapted into a sort of representative of the business that customers can relate to. They can ask the person questions, get coupons on the business from him, and know that they have at least one face that they know when they go in to buy something. In short, by using social media to establish a personality that the customers can hook into, the business can hook them into its store, making for some very effective advertising.

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